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Making Pies

Since writing my last post, I’ve been thinking a lot about making pies. But before I delve any further into an explanation, a song for the theme (one of my all time favorites, an homage to my mother and my Texas roots):

Making pies is a turn of phrase I have adopted for the time I spend in my kitchen, the time when I feel the most present, relaxed and clear. It doesn’t matter if I’m fixing dinner for myself, or whipping up a dessert for 20 people, the kitchen is my sanctuary and when I’m there, I am zen. Pie holds a special place in my heart because I associate it with pure comfort; while I love to cook and bake many different kinds of dishes, making pie feels the most natural, the most like home (probably because it reminds me so much of my home growing up — definitely got my appreciation for pie from my mom).

After chatting with friends and colleagues, I realized we all have our own special places and times. Your morning shower before work, a weekend yoga class, going to the gym, or a long drive on the highway. I think the best thing any of us can do is get really good at identifying whatever this routine is for yourself, and do it as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be every day (lord knows I don’t always have time to cook beyond a quick salad or can of lentils), but I recommend coming back to these special activities often. We’re surrounded by a constant chatter in our daily lives, whether it be the busy city streets, our endless digital feeds, a stressful job, or something else. I know that finding time for a little bit of peace amidst all of the crazy, as simple as it is, has become my very own slice of heaven.

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