I have always been a lover of the ELJ (empowered lady jams) and BBT (bad bitch tunes) genres of music. Yes, maybe I just invented those acronyms, but plenty of my all-time favorite artists fall under these categories. From my Spice Girls Craze of 1995 to my Haim Frenzy of 2013, it is pretty much guaranteed that I won’t go long without finding a new female artist or bad ass girl band to keep on heavy rotation. Today I have rounded up my current favorites — an assembly of new releases and new-to-me discoveries. PLUS, TWO BONUS TRACKS. Surprise! That’s right! If three full albums of melodic goodness wasn’t enough, I’ve included two more songs for you because it’s a Wednesday and you deserve all the good music you can get.

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Florence + the Machine
While “Dog Days Are Over” and “Shake It Out” defined my freshman year fall and senior year summer respectively, I never really considered myself a diehard Florence fan. Aside from those two big hits, I liked her music when I heard it, but I never went looking for it. When my co-worker sent me this music video, I knew I needed to take a second look at her latest album, and I’m so glad I did.

Sylvan Esso, Sylvan Esso
I have now been lucky enough to see Sylvan Esso in concert twice (checked off from my summer bucket list) and even luckier still that my first time listening to their album was live at the first show back in February. Blindly attending concerts is one of my favorite ways to discover new music, made even more gratifying when the band is crazy talented and memorable. If you get the chance, get tickets to see them, you won’t be disappointed.

Wildewoman, Lucius
Wildewoman is my perfect album for navigating the city in the summertime — on the train, walking long crosstown blocks, and climbing stairs, it feels like the songs were made to make the listener feel energized, empowered and ready to take on the world’s challenges. You could take my word on this, or you could just listen to the album and instantly feel awesome, the choice is yours.


Growing Up (Sloane’s Song), Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Ed Sheeran
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have got me feeling all the feelings again. While we’re all still trying to answer our own “meaning of life” questions, I feel like this song provides a couple good ideas to get us started.

Here, Alessia Cara
Alessia Cara is well on her way to being the next big thing (with this video tweeted out by none other than T. Swift herself). In “Here,” she appeals to our inner homebodies while still being the coolest chick at the party (and on our playlists).

Like what you’re hearing? Got some suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!