For the last ten years, I have struggled with moderate acne and sensitive, combination skin. Solving these skin problems has been one of my biggest recurring resolutions, with no lasting results… until now. After eight months on a strict, prescribed regimen, I can happily say that my skin is clearer and healthier than it has been since puberty.


My goal for this post is to help others dealing with the same issues save some of the time (and money) I wasted (and avoid the mistakes I made along the way).

If you suffer from acne (or know of someone who does), here are my tips for clearer skin:


I have spent hundreds of dollars on skincare products with hopes that I would land on that “miracle” treatment that would solve all my problems. For a long time, I foolishly believed that dermatologist visits were not affordable and would do little to cure my acne. It wasn’t until I found a dermatologist in New York (and visited her consistently) that I started seeing lasting results. I have pretty basic health insurance and each appointment costs me $40 out of pocket. She prescribed me two topical treatments (Aczone and Tazorac) that were a bit pricey, but have saved me so much in the long run. So step out of the drugstore aisle, click out of the millions of tabs open on your desktop, and stop trying to self-prescribe the perfect formula; there are professionals who will do that for you.

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